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TRINK MAGAZINE - Driving Swiss wine by Britta Wiegelmann

07. April 2021

The Donatschs were never conformists. Starting in the 1970s, Thomas Donatsch of Graubünden turned the Swiss wine landscape on its head with his illegal Chardonnay plantings and barrique experiments. In 2019, his son Martin broke the price record for Swiss wine with his Réserve Privée. Yet it hasn’t always been easy. A conversation with Martin reveals a few of the reasons why Swiss wines remain an insider secret.


FINE + RARE WINES - The high life - Martin Donatsch

19. Februar 2021

There is such domestic demand for the wines of Domaine Donatsch that they are rarely seen outside Switzerland. Tucked in amongst the Alps, this property makes world-class Pinot Noir and Chardonnay that gives Burgundy a run for its money. Gavin Smith spoke to winemaker and owner Martin Donatsch about the extraordinary site and life on the slopes 


WINE ADVOCATE - Stephan Reinhardt bewertet die Weine unseres Weinguts

Februar 2019

Stephan Reinhardt: "This tasting opened my eyes and included two of the most complete Pinot Noirs I have ever had from a German-speaking country: the monumental 2013 Malans Pinot Noir Privée and the unforgettably lush, vital and refined 1990 Pinot Noir Réserve Spiger."

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SUE STYLE - The Landscape of Swiss Wine

Frühjahr 2019

Ein Buch von Sue Style über den Schweizer Wein und die besten Weingüter. Hier finden Se eine Leseprobe daraus über das Weingut Donatsch.


DECANTER - Die besten Pinot Noir's der Welt (ausserhalb des Burgunds)

April 2016

Stephen Brook, Alex Hunt (Master of Wine) und Xavier Rousset (Master Sommelier) degustieren für DECANTER die besten Pinot Noir's der Welt. Unser Pinot Noir "Unique" 2013 schafft es in die TOP 10! Nach den viele Auszeichnungen in der Schweiz sorgt unser Spitzenpinot auch international für Überraschungen!

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